Accu-Scope Excelis MPX-5C Pro 5MP Digital Microscope Camera

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  • Excelis MPX-5C Pro 5MP Digital Microscope Camera
  • Excelis MPX-5C Pro 5MP Digital Microscope Camera
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The New Excelis™ MPX-5C Pro color camera delivers the performance and features desired in everyday microscopy imaging applications. Featuring the all new Sony Pregius CMOS sensor at its core, the MPX-5C Pro delivers superb color rendition, extremely low noise and excellent low light level sensitivity for the most demanding samples. Users that frequently use contrast methods such as Polarized Light, DIC or Phase contrast will be impressed with the abilioty of this camera to keep the exposure times down when the light gets low. The global shutter, high frame rate and USB 3.0 connectivity ensure stunning live views of the specimen never available anywhere near this price point.

The new CaptaVision+ software that comes standard with every camera purchase also brings a new dimension to imaging with real-time image stitching, real-time intelligent flatfield correction, extended depth of field fusion, dynamic measurements, and much more! Its hard to imagine a better value for your money than the Accu-Scope Excelis MPX-5C Pro Microscope Camera. We can pair this camera with virtually any microscope on the market. If you are unsure what is needed to attach this camera to your existing microsope please reach out to our support team and they would be happy to assist you. 

  • Outstanding color and performance
  • Real-time stitching (via CaptaVision+)
  • Depth of field fusion (via CaptaVision+)
  • Intelligent flatfield correction (via Captavision+)
  • Sony Pregius IMX264LQR-C color CMOS sensor
  • View full 5MP live images at 35fps
  • Fluorescence imaging with high signal-to-noise, exposure times up to 15 seconds and adjustable Gain.
  • New CaptaVision+ Imaging Software (included) delivers full camera control, advanced image processing, customizable user interface, static and dynamic measurements with layers, and more (requires PC or Mac; not included).
  • Standard C-mount easily adapts to most microscopes; 0.65x camera adapter recommended.
  • 1-year warranty
  • In the box: Excelis MPX-5C Pro Camera, USB 3.0 Cable, CaptaVision+ PC Imaging Software
Excelis MPX-5C Pro (AU-5C-CMOS)
Sensor 2/3" Sony PREGIUS IMX264LQR-C color CMOS, 3.45µm pixels
Dynamic/Static Resolution 2448x2048
Frame Rate 35fps @ full frame (2448x2048)
Shutter Global
Image Transmission High speed via USB 3.0 to PC
Exposure Time 0.13ms – 15s
White Balance Automatic and Manual
Other Settings Gain, Gamma, Noise Reduction, Flatfield Correction, and more
PC Imaging Software CaptaVision+ Imaging Software (for PC/Windows and Mac OS; Linux under development)
Advanced Camera Controls: live and still image measurement and annotation, real-time flatfield correction; extended depth of focus (focus stacking); real-time image stitching;
fluorescence image settings; fluorescence multi-color channel mixer merge; HDR (High Dynamic Range) function
Image Types: JPG, PNG, TIF and DICOM (not available on Mac OS)
Output Mode USB3.0 (compatible with USB2.0)
System Requirements (for PC Imaging Software) Intel Processor (Core i5 or higher); 8GB RAM or more; USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port or higher (USB3.0 recommended)
Power Supply through USB cable
Lens Mount C-Mount lens adapter, 0.65x recommended
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