Dolan Jenner Dual Gooseneck EEG28 Fiber Optic Light Guide

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The dual arm "gooseneck" systems are extremely versatile systems which are compact, quiet and provide 40,000 ft. candles of illumination focused with the LH759 lenses at a 3 inch (7.6cm) working distance. The Mi-LED and Mi-150 watt halogen systems are suitable for higher magnifications (120x plus). Opposed angle illumination will always provide an illuminated field and reduced shadow obstruction.

The very popular EEG 2823M self-supporting bifurcated light guide with a 0.28 inch (7mm) bundle diameter starts from the light source with a transition incline of 45 degrees, from which the gooseneck branches diverge at an angle designed to accommodate any stereo microscope between them without interference to focusing or specimen manipulation. Each branch has a 0.20 inch (5mm) bundle diameter. This system provides the most obedient light output placement for critical illumination requirements at angles of incidence from near vertical to near horizontal. Slide-lock LH759 lenses can be rapidly adjusted, or removed for diffuse illumination.

In a laboratory environment, the dual arm gooseneck fiber optic assembly provides excellent ancillary usage as a light source for small animal microsurgery with a stereo microscope, general specimen preparation, examination of cultures and tissue trim preparation for light and electron microscopy, while decreasing morphological changes induced by dehydration and heat.

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