Lumenera INFINITY 8-2 Microscope Camera USB 3.0

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Outstanding Value for Fluorescence Imaging. The INFINITY8-2M is the new go-to microscopy camera for routine fluorescence imaging on a constrained budget. With huge light-gathering pixels, large field of view, and low noise characteristics, this camera enables labs to have a dedicated monochrome camera for their low-light imaging requirements. And, with refresh rates of up to 96 fps at full resolution, the INFINITY8-2M provides exceptional low light sensitivity and allows for accurate imaging, even in variable lighting conditions.

Affordable solution
Today’s climate of increasingly constrained lab budgets and having to do more with less is challenging. Coupled with intuitive, feature rich software, owning a dedicated monochrome camera for routine fluorescence imaging is now possible - without the hefty price tag.

Need to replace a cooled camera?
The INFINITY8-2M is budget-friendly replacement for a cooled camera of the past that is no longer working, or not compatible with today's computers and software. This ultra-sensitive camera has large pixels and a 1-inch sensor, resulting in incredible sensitivity, lightening speed, and with a large field of view – all with a never before seen price tag. Take full advantage of a 1X coupler to see more.

FLIC for optimal responsivity
FLIC (Fluorescence Illumination Image Capture) reduces read noise and allows for maximum responsivity from the INFINITY8-2M. In low light imaging, the FLIC feature increases the sensitivity of the camera while keeping noise to a minimum. This is ideal for fluorescence imaging where small details can be difficult to make out, but require short exposures.

See more of your sample
See more of your sample than any other sensor size. Take advantage of your 1X coupler to eliminate extra cost.

Camera Highlights:
  • Monochrome CMOS sensor with 1-inch optical format
  • 1.7 megapixel camera with fast frame rates of 96 fps at full resolution (1608 x 1104)
  • Direct USB3 interface for fast image delivery and simplified connectivity
  • Compact form factor
  • Support for locking industrial micro USB on the back for power and control
  • INFINITY ANALYZE microscopy software included with purchase. No annual license fees.
  • Software support for Windows and Mac, along with third-party plugins for MetaMorph and MicroManager
  • Selectable 8 or 12-bit pixel data
  • Recommended coupler: 1x


  • INFINITY8-2M — 1.7 MP digital camera
  • 3-meter USB 3 Micro-B to Type-A cable


  • La4000PAFL — GPIO cable with leads


Image Sensor 1.7 MP Monochrome CMOS sensor – Sony IMX432
Optical Format 1"
Frame Rate Maximum sustainable frame rate of 96
Dynamic Range 72 dB
Bit Depth 8 or 12-bit
Full Well Capacity 100.4K e- in normal mode and 19.2K e- in FLIC mode
Read Noise 21.6 e- in normal mode and 4.4 e- in in FLIC mode
Pixel Size 9.00 x 9.00 μm


Mass 108 g
Power Requirement 5V via Power Over USB3 Cable
Power Consumption 2.3 W to 3.6 W
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 ºC
Exposure Control Manual and automatic control
White Balance Manual and automatic control
Interface Connector USB3 cable. GPIO cable available as an accessory.
Lens Mount C-Mount. Compatible with all microscope brands.
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