Motic SMZ-168 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope 7.5X-50X

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Motic SMZ-168 Stereo Zoom Microscope

The SMZ-168 stereomicroscope is the workhorse in Motic's lineup. A reliable, high-quality stereo microscope for instruction, research, or routine use across a variety of industries and applications. The 6.7:1 zoom ratio and Greenough zoom lens configuration gives high-definition stereoscopic images up to 50x.This can be increased up to 320x with a maximum possible working distance of 324mm through the addition of extra auxiliary front lenses and high magnification eyepieces further increasing the versatility of the SMZ-168.

Optional accessories such as polarizers and darkfield attachments further increase the versatility of the SMZ-168. The addition of a Digital USB Camera to the SMZ-168 will transform it into a powerful inspection workstation for industrial Quality Control, Failure analysis & Documentation. The SMZ-168 stereomicroscope provides a durable, versatile instrument for a wide range of applications and environments at a reasonable price.

Features & Specifications:

  • Type: Greenough Zoom Optical System
  • Head: Binocular/Trinocular 35°
  • Eyepieces: Widefield eyepieces 10X / F.N. 20
  • Zoom Ratio: 6:1
  • Mag Range: 0.75X - 5.0x
  • Overall Mag: 7.5x - 50x with 10x eyepieces
  • Working Distance: 113mm
  • Stand: Compact incident stand
  • Accessories: Dust cover, B/W Stage Plate
  • Warranty: 5 Year Mechanical



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