SCHOTT A20990 MC-LS LED Fiber Optic Light Source Illuminator

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  • SCHOTT A20990 MC-LS LED Fiber Optic Light Source Illuminator front view
  • SCHOTT A20990 MC-LS LED Fiber Optic Light Source Illuminator  Back panel view
  • SCHOTT A20990 MC-LS LED Fiber Optic Light Source Illuminator  with A08500 Dual Goosenecks


Schott A20990 MC-LS LED Fiber-Optic Illuminator sets a new standard for affordability in LED illumination for Stereo Microscopy & Machine Vision. The Schott MC-LS carries on the legacy of the ACE 150 Watt Halogen illuminator which has been the industry standard since its introduction.

The new Schott LED MC-LS is a cost effective and reliable cold light source which delivers exceptional light output from the High Intensity LED light engine. Developed from the ground up specifically for Stereo Microscopy, Macroscopy and Machine Vision applications. The A20990 is a fresh design which features a smaller footprint by 50% when compared to the ACE A20500.

The powerful LED is temperature controlled and features an ultra quiet integrated fan for near silent operation and is also rated for 50,000 hours of operation. The engineers at Schott designed the unit to be energy friendly, consuming only 60w of power while still managing to increase Light output to 850 Lumens which is a 10% improvement in intensity from the older ACE A20500.

The LED Light engine is color balanced at a consistent 5400k and eliminates the need to continuously white balance when using a digital camera for image acquisition.  The MC-LS features a convenient USB port as well as RS232 so the unit can be digitally controlled with any software that allows for serial communication.

Schott has made a commitment to backwards compatibility with legacy equipment and therefore all existing fiber optic light guides such as goosenecks, ring lights, backlights and line lines from the ColdVision series will plug right in with no adapter, making the transition from Halogen based ACE or DCR light sources simple and straightforward.


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  • Maximum light intensity of 850 lm*
  • High resistance to vibration and shock
  • Continuous dimming from 0-100%
  • Long-life, high-efficiency, maintenance-free LED light engine with 50,000 operating hours
  • Compatible with Existing ColdVision light guides
  • Over 10% higher output than EKE halogen light sources*
  • Stable 5400k color temperature light output with minimal variation in color temperature
  • Low power consumption of 60w
  • Temperature monitoring for protection of the LED light engine
  • ETL approved, RoHS compliant
  • Heavy duty metal housing.
  • Solid state dimmer control provides zero to full intensity
  • Quiet rear integrated fan exhaust.


  • Can be controlled by digital remote control via USB port (virtual RS232) or built-in 9-pin connector (analog).
  • Universal input power supply compliant with international standards
  • Robust industrial design with a small footprint and ultra-quiet operation







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