SCHOTT EasyLED Plus Ringlight System 600.300

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The EasyLED is a robust and simple design. Unlike other cheap plastic illuminators, the EasyLED delivers homogeneous and shadow-free illumination in a tough anodized metal housing and well-designed heat sink.

The EasyLED Ringlight Plus System (600.300) has the advantage of controllable segments to enable new contrasting methods, while the integrated ‘jog dial’ element provides simple and intuitive switching between illumination modes, as well as rotation of the segments in both directions.

The EasyLED PLUS system is also brighter and has more illumination power than the 600.200 standard system.

Both the simple 600.200 and the Plus 600.300 EasyLED system are 66mm I.D to fit most microscopes. If you want a perfect fitment for your specific microscope, simply measure the bottom lens where the ringlight connects and select the option to add a ringlight adapter for 58mm or 60mm. 

If you don't have the bench space for a traditional fiber optic illuminator or you just want simple reliable LED illumination, the Schott EasyLED system is a great choice. If you need assistance with the correct adapter for your microscope, please contact us and we can assist you. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Consistent Color Temperature (daylight) approx. 5600K
  • 50K Hr. Energy Efficient LED
  • Integrated controller for continuous dimming (0-100%) and separate on/off switch
  • Integrated "Jog Dial" wheel for easy and intuitive operation of Segmentation
  • Wide range of working distances: 55 - 130 mm
  • Maximum illuminance: 140 klx @ 65mm WD
  • Silent Operation, completely without noise or vibration
  • Robust Anodized metal housings
  • 45 high brightness LED's
  • Fits microscope objectives 66 mm / adapters available for 58mm & 60mm Objectives
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