MORITEX LED High Power Spot Illuminator MCEP - Series

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MORITEX High Power LED Spot Illuminator MCEP- Series

Primary Applications:

  • Coaxial illumination (wafer and LCD glass substrate alignment)
  • Spot illumination
  • Installation into moving parts

Color Options:

  • Red
  • Green 
  • Blue 
  • White

MORITEX High Power LED Spot Illuminators utilize high power LED's and unique heat dissipation technology to achieve brightness on a level that outshines the rest of the Machine Vision Illumination industry. 

MORITEX's technologies in optics are combined into the optical system to achieve ultra-bright, highly uniform illumination especially for MML coaxial lighting. The product can be used as a high performance LED light source for the conventional optical fiber light guide. MCEP-ADLG24 adaptor is available for connecting Moritex & Schott Fostec Fiber Optic Light Guides.

Currently available “MLEP-A070 LED controllers” lineup for MCEP-070 are also usable for the new products. Available in 8 models, 1 or 3ch output and universal power supply options with digital or analog intensity control.

The new products are compatible with all optional products for MCEP-070 Series since their external dimensions
are all in common.








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