Moritex ML-U-SR Series FA Lenses for 1.1" 3.45μm Pixel Sensors

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ML-U-SR Series Lenses for Machine Vision

Designed for 12MP 1.1 sensors, the Moritex ML-U-SR series is a C-Mount, fixed focal length lens design that provides high Resolution, excellent image sharpness, very low distortion, and standard VIS/NIR AR coating. All lenses have filter threads, screw locking aperture and focus rings.

Series Features:

  • Compact Design
  • Super High Resolution 150lp/mm, Large Aperture Design
  • Large Format, 1.1", 12MP, 3.5μm Pixel Sensor Compatible
  • Color Corrected for Visible to NIR Wavelengths (400 ~ 1,000nm)
  • Floating mechanism for consistent performance
  • Sony Pregius, ON Semi PYTHON and Other High Performance Sensors







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