SCHOTT KL1600 Fiber-Optic LED Light Source

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  • Schott Kl 1600 LED Fiber optic Light Source Illuminator
  • Schott Kl 1600 LED Fiber optic Light Source Illuminator with dual gooseneck
  • Schott Kl 1600 LED Fiber optic Light Source Illuminator with ringlight
  • Schott Kl 1600 LED Fiber optic Light Source Illuminator Technical Drawing
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The SCHOTT KL 1600 LED Fiber Optic Light Source Illuminator uses cold light to illuminate all objects in industrial and life science applications. Its multiple LED light engine provides an attractive alternative to conventional halogen cold light sources. The brightness of 680 lm at the end of a flexible 9 mm Ø light guide is equivalent to a 150W halogen cold light source, such as while the electrical power consumption is less than 40 watts of power consumption, making this a go-green machine! An extremely quiet fan assures optimized heat management and near-silent operation. Schott KL series illuminators are explicitly designed for microscopy. There is a large selection of Fiber Optic light guides within the KL series—single and dual gooseneck, Ringlights, and Flexible bundles. Please contact our customer support team if you need assistance selecting the correct illumination components or package for your specific application. We are lighting experts who can help you with any microscope or illumination scenario. 

  • significantly higher light intensities can be focused on a tiny field of view
  • compact housing with a small footprint
  • brightness is equivalent to a 150-watt halogen cold light source
  • extremely long lifetime of at least 50,000 hours
  • 80% lower energy consumption
  • reduction of costs of ownership as well as downtime costs
  • all kinds of light guides of the KL 1500 series can be connected to the KL 1600 LED
  • Multiple-chip white LED light engine
  • Continuous dimming from 0 to 100%
  • Compact, high-quality housing with integrated handle
  • Small footprint and additional iron ballast for stability when used with goosenecks
  • Filter slider with two positions (filter can remain in the light source even if it is not used)
  • Easy-to-use fixture mechanism with clamping screw
  • Comprehensive range of light guides and accessories available (KL 1500 series)
  • Ultra low-noise fan for ergonomic use in the laboratory
  • Ripple-free DC illumination


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