SCHOTT 400.110 VisiLED Brightfield Ringlight 66mm

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SCHOTT 400.110 VisiLED Brightfield Ringlight (S40-75) 66 mm

The Schott VisiLED product line is a group of professional LED illumination components designed for the most demanding applications in Stereo Microscopy. 

VisiLED Brightfield Ringlights provide incident (Top Down) Illumination. The 400.110 Brightfield Ringlight S40-75 has a 66 mm ID to fit most stereo microscopes. Adapters are available for 58 & 60mm objective lenses. The 55 mm to 145 mm working distance is large enough to accommodate almost any stereo microscope.

The Schott VisiLED Ringlights quickly adapt to microscope objectives using a thumb screw and clamp ring.

Features & Specifications:

  • Homogeneous illumination.
  • Compact & efficient; no fiber optic light box or light guides needed.
  • Long operating life: typically 50,000
  • Segments controllable in different preset modes for optimum contrasting
  • Illumination Method: Brightfield
  • 80 Ultra high brightness Power LEDs in 8 segments
  • Color Temperature: 5600K
  • Working Distance: 55 mm - 145 mm
  • Max. Illuminance: 110 kLx (at 85 mm WD)
  • Dimensions: outer Ø: 92 mm/ inner Ø: 66 mm/ height: 25 mm




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