SCHOTT 400.150 VisiLED Brightfield Ringlight "Slim" 66 mm

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SCHOTT 400.150 VisiLED Brightfield Ringlight "Slim" 66 mm

The Schott VisiLED product line is a group of professional LED illumination components designed for the most demanding applications in Stereo Microscopy. 

VisiLED Brightfield Ringlights provide incident (Top Down) Illumination. The 400.150 Brightfield Ringlight Slim has a 66 mm ID to fit most stereo microscopes. Adapters are available for 58 & 60 mm objective lenses.

The "Slim" Ringlight is unique because it features two separate included rings that modify the working distance. Ring A offers 20-40 mm WD & Ring B offers 40-90 mm WD. This means it will work well with 1X or greater objective lenses.

Additionally, there is an optional Ring C which will turn the 400.150 into a Darkfield Ringlight with a 5-20 mm WD. When paired with the included Rings A & B makes the VisiLED 400.150 an extremely versatile illumination source and very cost effective. 

The Schott VisiLED Ringlights easily adapt to microscope objectives by means of thumb screw and clamp ring.

Features & Specifications:

  • Homogeneous illumination.
  • Compact & Efficient, no fiber optic light box or light guides needed.
  • Long operating life: typically 50,000
  • Segments controllable in different preset modes for optimum contrasting
  • Illumination Method: Brightfield/Optional Darkfield
  • 48 Ultra high brightness Power LED's in 8 segments
  • Color Temperature: 5600K
  • Working Distance: 20 - 90 mm by 2 included focus rings: 20 – 40 mm and 40 – 90 mm
  • Max. Illuminance: 65 klx (at 50 mm WD)
  • Separate dark field adapter and extension adapters available
  • Dimensions: outer Ø: 82 mm/ inner Ø: 66 mm/ height: A-35.5/B-37.5 mm
  • Optimal for unconfined object preparation or usage with objective revolvers



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